Cotignac Consultancy Services Limited, simply known as Cotignac, is an independent consulting and services company registered in New Zealand. In operation since 2002, we specialise in emerging consumer payment technologies and payment security.

Consulting to banks, payment schemes, and vendors in the Asia Pacific region, Cotignac often adds the most value to a client project right up front by assisting with understanding the technology (the what), defining business requirements (the why), and developing implementation requirements (the how).

Our main areas of competency include…

  • Credit and debit card payment processing
  • EMV chip cards and terminals
  • EMV chip cards for credit and debit payment
  • Contactless chip cards
  • Multi-application chip cards
  • Chip card personalisation
  • Contactless NFC mobile payments
  • Mobile payments
  • PCI PIN security
  • PCI data security
  • Electronic commerce
  • Cryptographic key management