Reference Projects

Reference Projects
A sample of typical Cotignac projects include the following. Please click on each project title for a more detailed description.

  • writing an EMV chip card acceptance device requirements specification for a vendor
  • The specification was used by the vendor to implement EMV self service terminals for a large oil company in Malaysia to meet national chip card migration mandates.

  • Providing implementation consulting support to a vendor during product deployment
  • EMV specialist consulting provided to the vendor to assist with the large scale rollout of EMV card acceptance devices within Malaysia. Support included assisting with EMVCo type approval, Visa PED approval, testing, and resolving implementation issues.

  • Performing onsite requirements analysis and writing an EMV chip card issuing implementation specification for a bank
  • Cotignac has provided this service to several banks in markets across Asia Pacific. Typically Cotignac works onsite with the client to define the activities that the bank will need to undertake to issue EMV chip cards to customers. The results of the analysis are documented as requirements for issuing EMV chip cards in terms of changes to bank systems and processes, and the range of options that the bank may want to consider. Cotignac has also provided a similar service to a bank for the implementation and deployment of EMV chip card acceptance devices.

  • Delivering a customised multi-day workshop covering all aspects of EMV implementation for both issuing and acquiring
  • Cotignac has provided this service for numerous banks and vendors across Asia Pacific.Since 2005, we have delivered most of the EMV chip training on behalf of Visa Business School, to Visa member banks and vendors within the Asia Pacific region. Markets have included Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philipines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Conducting a PIN security audit for a bank
  • The bank, based in a developing Asian market, was opening up their ATM network for the acceptance of international cards for the first time. Cotignac assisted the bank to assess readiness in terms of international payment scheme requirements for PIN security.Cotignac has performed numerous PIN security audits in markets such as Australia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka.

  • EMV Chip Roadshow for retailers cross Asia
  • Cotignac assisted Visa International with the development and delivery of the EMV Chip Retailer Seminar road show to Asia Pacific markets (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand) during 2005. This program was enhanced and delivered again in 2006.

  • Providing EMV consulting support to a vendor to assist with product development
  • Cotignac provided specialist EMV knowledge to assist with the development of a bank branch terminal to enable customer PIN selection for chip cards.

  • Providing contactless chip product support to an international payment scheme
  • Cotignac was contracted by an international payment scheme to ensure product readiness for contactless chip card and mobile payment products for Asia Pacific markets.

  • Performing business requirements analysis to a bank for chip based loyalty
  • Cotignac worked with a bank to assess the business case and viability of implementing chip based loyalty.

  • Providing EMV consulting and implementation support in Australia and New Zealand
  • Cotignac currently provides EMV chip consulting support on behalf of Visa International to banks, retailers and vendors in Australia and New Zealand to enable Visa chip programs in these markets.

  • Auditing a card vendor to verify chip card production processes
  • Cotignac was commissioned by an Australian bank to audit a local card manufacturer to assess the manufacturing facility for physical and logical security associated with chip card production.